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(EN) SW*IP CH Statement: philoSOPHIA

This slideshow gives an overview of the media coverage since the publication of Bettina Weber's article in the Sonntagszeitung on March 19, 2022, accusing the curators of philoSOPHIA, an exhibition on women* in philosophy in the context of philExpo22, of excluding Carola Meier-Seethaler and of "cancel culture." Status as of May 8, 2022.

Timeline of Events

Summer 2021 The philosophy festival, philExpo22 begins organising events throughout Switzerland.

14.06.2021 Tanja Liebschwager and her team begin planning philoSOPHIA, an exhibition on women* in philosophy in Switzerland taking place within the framework of philExpo22.

14.02.2022 The curators of philoSOPHIA contact women* philosophers in Switzerland, to ask for contributions to their exhibition and they invite Carola Meier-Seethaler in this context to compose a text or video.

14.03.2022 The curators of philoSOPHIA restructure their exhibition and propose to Carola Meier-Seethaler to move her contribution to another area of the exhibit

19.03.2022 Carola Meier-Seethaler retracts her contribution.

19.03.2022 Sonntagszeitung publishes an article accusing philoSOPHIA of cancel culture and of excluding Carola Meier-Seethaler for a transphobic comment made in her contribution.

27.04.2022 Other media outlets (e.g. Emma) pick up the article and the narrative of Sonntagszeitung.

SW*IP Statement

Statement by Tanja Liebschwager

Statement by the philExpo22 Team

Philosophical Implications - Thoughts by Ilaria Fornacciari (philExpo22)

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